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Training in the Sim Lab with Technology
Welcome to the Health Innovation Lab
The Duke Health Innovation Lab serves as an interdisciplinary center and accelerator to develop and test pioneering innovations in healthcare technology and care delivery
Develop and test innovative scholarship and transformative ideas
Provide an entrepreneurial environment to develop products and care delivery processes.
Clinical Practice
Facilitate partnerships with industries for product development and testing
Physically located in the Duke University School of Nursing, our lab offers a 14,000 square-foot state of the art laboratory, classroom and simulation space.
Patient Rooms
  • Two patient hospital rooms
  • Two large capacity patient assessment rooms
  • Twenty patient assessment tables
  • Twelve patient beds
  • Simulation control rooms
  • 2 operating room theaters
  • Bariatric lift room
  • ICU / critical care suite
  • Obstetrics / labor suite
  • Two small debriefing rooms
  • A Task trainer room
  • One large multipurpose/classroom room
Exam tables used for training

  • Electronic Health Records
  • Medical equipment
  • Full audio-visual capabilities
  • 29 pan-tilt-zoom cameras
  • 5 intercom systems for recording of 13 simultaneous sessions
  • High-fidelity and low-fidelity simulators
  • Infant, pediatric, and adults sizes
  • Static manikins
  • Task Trainers
  • Standardized patients available
  • 2 Telepresence robots
  • 1 HoloLens
Manikin used for training

The Lab provides an infrastructure for clinical innovation in both research and development of products and care delivery processes. Our faculty, staff, students, and partners are engaged in research funded by the National Institutes of Health, the National Science Foundation, and Industry-sponsored projects, among others.
The Telerobotic Nursing Intelligent Nursing Assistant
The Duke University Pratt School of Engineering and School of Nursing faculty and students are collaborating to create remote-controlled robots for care delivery.
The Telerobotic Nursing Intelligent Nursing Assistant

Real-Time Data from Mobile Health Technologies
The Health Innovation Lab serves as a place to discover how to collect data from sensors in the environment. Researchers are discovering how to collect real-time environmental data from a patient’s hospital room and combine it with genomic and clinical data.
finger sensor

Mobile Phone
The 6th Vital Sign Mobile Phone App
Researchers have developed a new Duke Health walking app that can be downloaded to a person’s smartphone. The Health Innovation Lab serves as a testing ground to validate the phone’s embedded sensors.
Woman using app on mobile phone

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